Java Packages Example


Android Reference List

ADK: Android Development Kit, What people use to develop anything for the Android such as APPs and ROM’s adb: Android Debug Bridge, a command-line debugging application included with the SDK. It provides tools to browse the device, copy tools on the device, & forward ports for debugging. If you are developing in Eclipse using the ADT Plugin, adb is Read More …

JSP – File Uploading

Import two jar file first (Unzip and add both jar files) Download Zar Files jar files zip Create html page index.html

Create UploadFile.jsp

Create web.xml file in WEB-INF Folder project

You must create a folder name “temp” in Read More …

Python Program to Check Leap Year

A leap year is exactly divisible by 4 except for century years (years ending with 00). The century year is a leap year only if it is perfectly divisible by 400. For example,


To Write a Python program to compute the GCD or HCF of two numbers.

Program to find GCD or HCF of two numbers. GCD(Greatest Common Divisor) or HCF (Highest Common Factor) of two numbers is the largest number that divides both of them. Using Loops

Using Euclidean Algorithm

Using Recurssion